5 Reasons Why Bamboo is Better than Plastic

5 Reasons Why Bamboo Is Saving Our Planet - One product at a time.

Single use plastic is one of the worlds biggest contributors of waste. Many times plastic is used once (water bottle, packing materials, straws, and more!) and ends up in a landfill or even our ocean, rivers and woodlands. As humans, we create 300 Million tons of plastic every year! Only 9% is ever recycled or re-used. That means that 91% of all plastic is only being used once. 

That's why at EnviroPanda, we care for our planet by producing Bamboo products that are superior to the plastic products you are used to using. 

What can you do? Make better choices about your usage. The first step is switching to sustainable products and by saying no to single-use plastic (buh-bye water bottles!). 

We introduce to you: Bamboo!

Is an incredible alternative to plastic because it's durable and strong and, the best part... It's biodegradable! It will biodegrade in under 4 years compared to plastic at 1000 years! 

So here are 5 reasons why bamboo is better (for you and our planet):

1. Bamboo is fast growing. 

Bamboo is very sustainable and can grow full-size in just 3-4 months. Compared to your standard tree which takes 30+ years to grow. Another benefit, pesticides aren't required when harvesting. Which means cultivation is completely natural and it wont harm you or the environment.

2. Bamboo is strong and durable. 

Bamboo has incredible strength and lifespan, but also light enough to carry around. Which means Bamboo goods can be used time and time again. Hello, bamboo straws

3. Bamboo is hygienic and safe.

Bamboo fibers are anti-bacterial. It has an antimicrobial bio-agent that gives bamboo its natural anti-bacterial properties to prevent bacterial growth. This is great for bamboo straws and cutlery, because it keeps them sterile and fresh. 

4. Bamboo is good for our community.

Bamboo creates new and well-paid jobs for many individuals in need which leads to social and economical stability. 

5. Bamboo is amazing for the environment.

Bamboo forests effectively store carbon. Bamboo absorbs 2X more carbon dioxide than your regular tree. Carbon Dioxide can cause climate change so we want to minimize the amount of carbon Dioxide in our environment. 


Make a change for the environment today. 

Purchase Bamboo straws, bamboo paper products such as bamboo toilet paper and bamboo paper towels, and eliminate your usage of single-use plastic. Using these sorts of products will reduce the amount of plastic ending up in landfills, oceans and rivers. so, make the switch to more sustainable bamboo products today! 

Make sure to check out our store where we're releasing new bamboo products often. 

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