Enviropanda Bamboo Paper Towels 2 Ply Brown Color 2 Rolls


100% Natural Bamboo Paper Towel

  • Highly Absorbent
  • Natural Strength
  • Earth Friendly

Pure bamboo / 2 ply / 90 sheets / 28cm x 14cm sheet / No inks, bleaches or fragrances

The Earth-Conscious Choice

Unlike paper towels manufactured from virgin forest or a sugarcane blend, ENVIROPANDA is made from 100% pure bamboo. Bamboo groves have been found to minimize soil erosion, while also absorbing carbon at far higher levels than a similar-sized stand of hardwood trees. This makes bamboo cultivation a valuable ally in the fight against climate change.

ENVIROPANDA Paper Towel is highly absorbent and incredibly strong thanks to the biological properties of bamboo. This makes ENVIROPANDA Paper Towel the ideal product for cleaning up a wide range of household spills. Rather than adopting a highly processed method of production, ENVIROPANDA Paper Towel is made without the use of dyes, inks, fragrances or harmful bleaches. This leaves you with a more natural product that is better for the environment and better for your family.

ENVIROPANDA: The earth-conscious choice for the eco-friendly consumer.


  • 100% Bamboo: Crafted from pure bamboo, an environmentally-friendly crop with a great range of natural features.
  • Climate-Ally: With higher capabilities to absorb carbon and produce oxygen, bamboo cultivation helps to heal the planet.
  • Fast Regeneration: Bamboo can be harvested without killing off the crop, allowing for faster regeneration.
  • Strong & Absorbent: With a higher tensile strength than steel, bamboo displays superior durability under harsh conditions.
  • Protects Arboreal Forests: Switching to bamboo reduces the need for virgin timber, safeguarding forests around the globe.
  • Natural Product: Made without any harmful dyes, bleaches or chemicals, creating a safer and more natural paper towel.


Working Towards A Better Future:

Disposable paper-based products have long been the enemy in the fight against climate change. By selecting a 100% bamboo product instead, you can feel reassured that you’re supporting an industry that is sustainable and earth-friendly, without having to compromise on quality.